Your Live Kitchen Buffet

Weekdays: 11:30a.m. - 3:00p.m. / 5:00p.m. - 7:30p.m.(L.O.)
Weekends: 11:30a.m. - 7:30p.m.(L.O.)

Regular Price

  • Lunch:Adult¥4,000, Senior ¥3,400, Child¥2,000
  • Dinner:Adult¥5,000, Senior¥4,300, Child¥2,500

*An additional 10% sales tax and 13% service charge will be added.
*Senior:Over 65 years old,  Child:4 to 8 years old


Antipasto mist (Green soybeans potato salad, Cold ham,Smoked salmon, Feda cheese and olives, Escabeche with vegetables), Caesar salad, Tomato Caprese, Smoked duck salad with balsamic sauce, Corn soup.

Live kitchen:
Seafood cocktail, Broiled salmon and avocado cocktail, Octopus ceviche, Roll sushi, Chirashi sushi, Japanese-style salad seaweedwhitebait and okura. Eel and egg bowl, Today’s noodles, Roast beef, Seafoodpaella, Pizza(Margherita, cheese) , Pasta(Tomato and snow crab pasta,Meat saucepasta), Curry (Beef curry, Green curry with vegetables, Seafood curry)

*Menu is subject to change without prior notice.

Roast Turkey ローストターキー

非表示:Thanksgiving Day - Feast on holiday favorites at Cascade Cafe

From the iconic roasted turkey accompanied by tart cranberry sauce, to spiced pumpkin pie, there’s nothing more festive, nothing more like home. This autumnal season, take a break from supermarket lines and hours spent in the kitchen, and accept an invitation from ANA InterContinental Tokyo’s beloved Cascade Cafe to join us for a traditional Thanksgiving sit-down dinner, buffet-style, filled with all the cherished classics and a few delightful gourmet twists. Come with the whole family, and make yourself at home.

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