Voyage Buffet: Taste of Southeast Asia

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  • Sample Menu

    Pass Around *Dinner time
    Sate Ayam(Indonesian style skewers) / Fried spring rolls / Khao Man Gai / Mango sticky rice / Thai tea tapioca / Thai deep fried sweet potato

    Seafood *Dinner time
    Crab / Mussels / Scallop / Soft shrimps
    Sauce: Sweet chili mayonnaise / Mango sweet chili / Lime onion / Baimakrut & Lemongrass

    Seafood marinade Asian style / Yam Wun Sen / Green papaya and carrot salad / Raw spring rolls / Perilla, prosciutto and spring rolls / Tempeh and cucumber with sweet and sour sauce / Vietnamese salad of chicken and cabbage / Grilled eggplant and dried shrimp salad / Jellyfish and cucumber salad / Banh Mi Sandwich / Garlic-flavored cashew nuts / Fried corn / Jackfruit chips / Coconut chips / Black sesame crackers&White sesame crackers

    Tom yum kung soup / Singapore meat bone tea (Bak kut the) / Sinigang (Tamarind soup) / Chicken and vermicelli soup / Bun Bo Hue / Laksa / Hainam fried bee hoon / Hokkien mee / Mie Goreng / Pad thai

    Cheese&Cold cuts
    Various cheeses, hams and cold cuts

    Hot items
    Green curry&Jasmine rice / Gapao (chicken or pork or seafood)/Stir-fried chicken with oyster / Malaysian honey chicken / Sate Ayam(Indonesian style skewers) / Pork adobo / Humba (Kakuni pork Filipino style) / Beefrundan / Spicy stewed beef ribs / Stir-fried soft shell crab and egg curry / Deep-fried white fish with tamarind sauce / Steamed fish lime sauce / Steamed asari with garlic and lemongrass scent / Thai fried fish cake / Salted small shrimp and omelet with vegetables / Nasi goreng / Thai fried rice

    Carving counter
    Roast beef / Filipino style of pork belly / Kai yang (Whole chicken)

    Stir-fried water spinach with fish sauce flavor / Malaysian stir-fried vegetables / Gapao-style edamame / Stir-fried fried tofu and tomatoes

    Asian dessert & Matcha dessert

    *Menu is subject to change without prior notice.

Special offers are available for advance payment

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Reservation Time: 9:00a.m.-9:00p.m.