Sweethearts Strawberry and Ruby Dessert Buffet

It’s time to fall in love with strawberries at “Sweethearts Strawberry and Ruby Dessert Buffet”. Tokyo’s most celebrated sweets buffet is back with a plethora of desserts, centered on the season’s juiciest and sweetest of strawberries. Sit in the company of your closest friends and be tickled pink by Champagne Bar’s themed backdrop, a stunning Garden of Eden meets adorable strawberry farm décor, our nod to Japan’s kawaii culture. With over 32 incredibly cute sweet options, 13 savory bites, 15 kinds of coffee and tea, plus exclusive access to the only Ruby Chocolate in the world, this is one buffet that will certainly have your heart skipping a beat.

Weekday & 10 Feb
11:30a.m.- 1:00p.m. / 1:30p.m- 3:00p.m. / 3:30p.m- 5:00p.m. / 5:30p.m- 7:00p.m.
Sunday & 11 Feb & 21 Mar
11:30a.m.- 1:00p.m. / 1:30p.m- 3:00p.m. / 3:30p.m- 5:00p.m.

Online Booking Special Offer

Weekday:¥4,000 (Regular price¥4,600)
Weekend & Holiday:¥4,800 (Regular price¥5,600)

Weekend & Holiday:¥3,300

Senior Citizens(65+)
Weekend & Holiday:¥4,300

*An additional 8% sales tax and 13% service charge will be added.

Reservation and Inquiries   03-3505-1185

Restaurant Reservation    9:00a.m. 〜7:30p.m.