Chocolate Sensations

Ruby Chocolate

Until Christmas, ANA InterContinental Tokyo is staging an international culinary festival celebrating all that is chocolate!

During Chocolate Sensations, over 4,500 kgs of chocolate will be hand-crafted into 220 delicious items, available every day throughout the hotel.
Headlining the festival is the world’s first Ruby Chocolate Afternoon Tea.

Chocolate workshops, chocolate sculptures, pop-up shops, a photographic celebration of cocoa beans and a 5m high Tokyo Tower made from Ladurée chocolate macarons all set the scene.

Chocolate Sensations. Starring Ruby Chocolate – You’ll never think about chocolate in the same way again!

About Ruby Chocolate

Sweet, slightly spicy and totally natural, Ruby Chocolate is introduced in 2017 by Barry Callebaut and newly launched in Japan. Made from Ruby Cocoa Beans, no berries, berry flavour nor colour is added to make the world’s fourth type of chocolate.


The World’s First Ruby Chocolate Afternoon Tea

The only place in the world right now that Ruby Chocolate can be experienced in Afternoon Tea is at the Atrium Lounge

Chocolate Dessert Buffet

A buffet overflowing with over 50 types of chocolate delicacies, including some crafted from Ruby Chocolate, made from Ruby Cocoa Beans, the world’s fourth type of chocolate.

Chocolate Inspired

Learning & Discovery

Innovative workshops is on offer in Japanese, staged by international bean to bar specialists, artisanal producers of fine chocolate as well as local curators of chocolate.
  • Cacao salon – Mayumi Ogata’s Cacao Hunter Story
  • Marriage Of Colombian chocolate with syphone coffee
  • Bean to Bar chocolate workshop by PALET D’OR’s famed Shunsuke Saegusa
  • A intimate chocolate-inspired lunch
  • Delicious tapas and cacao
  • A marriage of chocolate with coffee
  • A marriage of Whiskey or green tea
  • Bean to Bar chocolate tasting
  • Dandelion Chocolate’s fun Kids class
  • The story of Theobroma’s Madagascar Project
  • A marriage between Ruby Chocolate and Mumm Grand Cordon Rose Champagne
  • Un Grain’s exquisite migardises


Photographic celebration of cocoa beans and sculptures carved from chocolate.

Photo Gallery

Photographer Naoto Ishimaru’s Photo Exhibition
Location : Level 1, 2 and 3.

Chocolate Arts

  • Junji Tokunaga / Executive Chef Patissier InterContinental Tokyo Bay
  • Haruka Atsuji / Chef Patissier, Le Chocolat Alain Ducasse
  • Koichi Izumi / Owner Chef, ASTERISQUE
  • Naomi Mizuno / MOUNTAIN X CELLAR DE CHOCOLAT by Naomi Mizuno Chef Patissier
  • Nicolas Botomisy / Chef Patissier, Et Fève *From 16 November
  • Fabian Martin / Pastry Chef, Pierre Gagnaire & Yasushi Kashiwagi / Pastry Sous-chef, ANA InterContinental Tokyo
  • Barry Callebaut
石丸直人氏 フォトギャラリー

Pop-up Shops

Pop-up shops throughout the hotel will add further colour.
  • CACAO SAMPAKA (From 1 November to 26 December)
  • CHOCI TOKYO (From 1 November to 26 December)
  • Cacao Hunters (From 1 to 11 November)
  • Cacaoken (From 3 to 16 December)
  • Dandelion Chocolate (From 12 to 26 December)
  • Musee Du Chocolat Theobroma (1 to 26 December)

Our Macaron Tokyo Tower


Our Macaron Tokyo Tower was built in collaboration with famed pâtisserie, Ladurée.
Crafted entirely out of red and white macarons, this is a delicious representation of one of Tokyo's most iconic landmarks.
Height : 5.3m
Made with 8,000 delicious macarons.