Christmas Cake Collection 2020​

Commemorate the festive season with this year’s selection of Christmas trimmings by Pierre Gagnaire Pains Et Gateaux. From elegant Christmas cakes to traditional sweets and even a plump roast chicken, make this year’s season of giving an unforgettable one.

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Our Recommendations


Boule de neige

8cm wide x 25 cm long x 11 cm high
¥7,500 *Reservation required

This adorable snowman-themed cake with snowflakes is truly irresistible. Enjoy a delicious mousse base, made with smooth vanilla, pecan praline cream and hazelnut biscuits.

クリスマス Ruby ビュッシュ・ド・ノエル・ルビーショコラ

Bûche de Noël Ruby Chocolate

9cm wide × 21.5cm long × 12cm height

Celebrate Christmas with our Bûche de Noël Ruby Chocolate. This cake is crafted exquisitely with the fourth type of chocolate, Ruby Chocolate, and dusted with a fine coating of silver powder to create the impression of a festive snowy mountain. Enjoy a cake that looks as good as it tastes, with a delicate fruity sweetness unique to ruby chocolate.

Bûche de Noël

8.5cm wide × 17cm long × 10cm height

A combination of bitter and milk chocolate mousse cake with an orange liqueur-scented sponge inside.


Strawberry Shortcake

13cm ¥4,500
16cm ¥5,500

Our classic shortcake made with fresh cream and the season’s finest strawberries

A Berry, Berry Christmas

¥15,800 *Reservation required

Have a berry bonanza this Christmas with our Berry, Berry Christmas cake, topped with lots of strawberries, blueberries and raspberries.



15cm×9cm ¥2,500
17.5cm×9cm ¥3,000

Embrace a German-style Christmas with our tradition stollen. Each loaf has been infused with spices such as nutmeg and cardamom, fruit peel and nuts, then made to rest for one months to ensure a rich and bodied flavor profile.


Japanese Stollen

17.5cm×9cm ¥2,600
*Reservation required

Japanese flavors meet German tradition with our Japanese Stollen, studded with walnuts, black sesame, ginger and black beans.

クリスマスプディング Christmas Pudding

Christmas Pudding

12cm ¥3,800

Partake in an age-old English tradition with our Christmas Pudding. Filled with brandy-infused dried fruits, baked and then laid to rest to create a rich, flavorful taste.

Roast Chicken

For 4 people ¥6,800
*Reservation required

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