New Year's Grab Bag

We have again assembled a range of labels from around the world for our grab bags. Ring in the new year with a great deal on some surprising bottles.


笑 Smile

2 bottles 69,608 yen (Equivalent to 110,000 yen)

6 bottles 188,936 yen (Equivalent to 330,000 yen)

門 Family

2 bottles 123,057 yen (Equivalent to 220,000 yen)

6 bottles 354,255 yen (Equivalent to 660,000 yen)

福 Happiness

2 bottles 310,750 yen (Equivalent to 550,000 yen)

来 Come *Limited to 1 set

1 bottle 1,103,784 yen (Equivalent to 2,860,000 yen)

*Consumption tax and service charge are included.
*Cannot be combined with any offer or discounts.

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