Experience our gastronomic journey designed by our master chefs, with a specially curated menu, whilst travelling from restaurant to restaurant.

Period: Fridays and Saturdays from 15 April to 25 June 2022.
Time: 5:30p.m. / 6:00p.m. / 6:30p.m. / 7:00p.m.
Price: 25,000 yen per person *Consumption tax and service charge are included.
Meeting Place: In-front of the escalator. 2nd floor.

Your gastronomic journey will be served at the following restaurants, and you will be escorted to each restaurant by one of our friendly team members.

  1. Amuse-Bouche: The Champagne Bar by TELMONT
  2. Appetizer: Karin Chinese Restaurant
  3. Seafood: Unkai Japanese Restaurant
  4. Main: The Steakhouse
  5. Dessert: Pierre Gagnaire served in the Club Lounge

*Reservation required 3 days in advance
*Available from 2 persons.
*Children under 13 years of age are not permitted in.
*Cannot be combined with any other offer or discount.


1. The Champagne Bar by TELMONT

We invite you to experience a pairing menu created to compliment the taste of Champagne TELMONT in the Champagne Bar reflecting the ethics, aesthetics, and sustainability philosophy of TELMONT. This is a must experience for Champagne lovers.


Foie gras, Black truffle
Parmesan Grissini

Beverages selected by head sommelier Yusuke Sato
Le Petit Béret Blanc de Blanc(non-alcoholic) or Telmont Réserve Brut


2. Karin Chinese Restaurant

Highlighting the very best of Cantonese Cuisine, Karin Chinese Restaurant is renowned for its authentic Hong Kong style dim sum. This extensive menu showcases locally sourced market fresh ingredients in traditional dishes and regional specialties.


Appetizers by Takeshi Okubo, head chef of Karin
Pecking duck, Xiao Long Bao, Steamed dumpling Leek, Barbecued Pork, Chilled kaori chicken, Shrimp with XO sauce

Beverages selected by head sommelier Yusuke Sato
Vinegared Signature Mocktail or Chinese Rice Wine Tinnen 8 years

Karin Chinese Restaurant Head Chef
Takeshi Okubo

After graduating from culinary school, Chef Okubo worked at a well-known hotel before becoming head chef at Kihachi China Ginza. Since 2007, he has worked as the second head chef of Karin at the ANA InterContinental Hotel Tokyo, which he assisted with the hotels opening and continues to work to this day. Chef Okubo is renowned for his three-dimensional, colorfully, and beautifully presented dishes, and was a winner of the popular Iron Chef television series in the 1990s, against Chinese master Chen Kenichi. Chef Okubo has always had the sensitivity and ambition to master current trends and has honed his skills in developing modern techniques in Chinese cuisine.


3. Unkai Japanese Restaurant

Overlooking the manicured perfection of a traditional garden and pond designed to highlight each season’s beauty, Unkai showcases seasonal specialties and the essence of Japanese cuisine.


Seafood by Takeshi Yoshiyasu, head chef of Unkai
– Ichigoni Soup, Abalone and Sea urchin with seasonal vegetables
– Charcoal grilled bonito, Japanese cedar scent

Beverages selected by head sommelier Yusuke Sato
Ureshino Roasted Green Tea or Takeshita Honten Kakeya Tokubetsu Junmai

Unkai Japanese Restaurant Head Chef Takeshi Yoshiyasu

In April 1994, he joined the opening staff of a Japanese restaurant in a famous hotel in Tokyo, where he worked for two years; in May 1996, he joined the long-established ryotei Tsuruyoshi in Akasaka, Tokyo, as sous-chef, where he worked for 15 years from the following year; as of 15 January 2013, the ANA InterContinental Hotel Tokyo He was appointed head chef of the Japanese restaurant Unkai, which is directly managed by the company. He finds fascination in old objects and loves to get to know their history, and takes great pleasure in telling stories about old vessels while serving his signature dishes. On the other hand, he also has a modern sensibility, and is active as the third-generation head chef of the Japanese restaurant Unkai, with a keen interest in new ways of expressing himself as a Japanese restaurant in an international hotel that welcomes many foreign guests.

Main Dish

4. The Steakhouse

Home to our signature char-grilled steaks, seafood and secret house marinade, The Steakhouse offers superb dining in a relaxed setting. Our extensive daily specials highlight local seasonal produce and offer a wide range of choice to suit all tastes.


Main by Tomasz Blaszczak Miyazaki, head chef of the Steakhouse
The “Steak Rice” Braised Beef Short Ribs

Beverages selected by head sommelier Yusuke Sato
Spicy Virgin Mary (non-alcoholic) or Woodward Canyon, Nelms Road Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

The Steakhouse Chef
Tomasz Blaszczak Miyazaki

Born in Poland, Chef Tomasz Blaszczak Miyazaki ventured abroad gaining experience at the famous restaurant The Gilbert Scott in London, UK and the boutique Granville Island Hotel in Vancouver, Canada, before landing in Japan in 2012. After working as a sous chef at The Steakhouse since 2019, his aim is to create a dining experience that delivers entertainment along with a variety of dishes, including a steak menu that enhances the flavors of quality ingredients served unassuming and full of deliciousness.


5. Pierre Gagnaire (served in the Club Lounge)

The ANA InterContinental Tokyo is home to three Michelin starred Chef, Pierre Gagnaire. Located at the highest point in Tokyo, discover our award winning contemporary French cuisine whilst viewing the elegant surrounds of stunning Tokyo metropolis and Tokyo Tower as a backdrop. Experience a unique culinary journey of passionate dedication, quality produce and the creation of unprecedented tastes that reflect this world-renowned chef’s philosophy of using food to communicate and incite emotion.


Dessert by Lucas Dumarski, chef pâtissier of Pierre Gagnaire
Pierre Gagnaire dessert and mignardises

Beverages selected by head sommelier Yusuke Sato
– Alain Milliat, Jus Raisin Sauvignon Blanc or Rolly Gassmann Pinot Gris Sélection de Grains Nobles 2003
– Coffee or Tea

Lucas Dumarski

Pierre Gagnaire Chef pâtissier
Lucas Dumarski

After graduating from culinary school in France, Chef Patissier Lucas Dumarski started his career as a French pastry chef at Pierre Gagnaire in Paris. After gaining experience in two and three-star restaurants in France, he worked in Melbourne, Australia, as a divisional chef, managing and developing products. In May 2019, he was appointed Chef Pâtissier at Pierre Gagnaire in Tokyo where he remains today cultivating some of the best desserts in the city.

Reservations & Inquiries

Reservation required 3 days in advance.

Reservation Time: 9:00a.m.-9:00p.m.

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