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Chinese Summer Afternoon Tea

11:30a.m. / 2:00p.m. / 5:30p.m.
*2 hours limit, last order 30 minutes before.
*Reservations required 3:00p.m. the day before.


11,187 yen per person
Includes 90 minutes free flow: 14,187yen
*Consumption tax and service charge are included.

Special Online Price​

8,949 yen per person
Includes 90 minutes free flow: 11,349 yen

*Reservations can only be made on this website (third-party websites or reservations by phone are not eligible for this menu)
*Cannot be combined with any other offer or discount.

  • Sample Menu

    Fig jelly with cheinmuscat and dragon fruit
    Tapioca with pineapple and milk
    Shaved ice with mango milk, citrus, apricot and lychee
    Five spice powder and apricot almond tart
    Banana and sunflower seed baked cake
    Egg tart and seasonal fruit
    Lime ginger chocolate
    Coconut panna cotta with melon sauce
    Macaroon lemon

    Roasted Wagyu beef loin with curry sauce
    Scallop with shabu-shabu style ; spicy fish sauce
    Deep fried crab claw with sweet corn
    Roasted Japanese chicken
    Roasted gold agu pork and melon
    Prawn and green soy bean tofu with sesame sauce
    Chinese sticky rice in bamboo leave
    Steamed Chinese leeks and shrimp dumpling
    Steamed pork dumpking with green onion sauce
    Japanese pork belly bun

    Jasmin tea
    Red oolong tea
    Keemun tea
    Lychee tea
    Gunpowder tea
    Iced oolong tea
    Iced jasmine tea

    Option: 90 minuts Free Flow (Additional  3,000yen)
    Sparkling wine
    Bottled beer
    Shaoxing wine

    *Brand cannot be specified

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