Karin Autumn Menu

It’s time for some mouth-watering treats.
Our seasonal dinner course filled with rich autumn flavors, such as Japanese lobster, abalone, matsutake mushroom.

  • Lunch Course
    Online Special ¥4,850(Regular price¥5,500)
  • Dinner Course
    Online special ¥11,000(Regular price¥12,500)

* An additional 8% sales tax and 13% service charge will be added

  • Menu

    Lunch Course

    • Chef’s seasonal five appetizers from Hokuriku region
    • Chinese steamed egg custard containing snow crab, ginkgo and water chestnut
    • Steamed fatty salmon and fried white fish
    • Steamed pork and seafood dumpling topped with braised whole abalone
    • Stewed beef tongue, burdock, radish and carrot in superior soup
    • Served with special soy sauce
    • Dan-Dan noodle with black sesame and walnuts
    • Karin’s original dessert with pear and snow fungus


    Dinner Course

    • Chef’s seasonal six appetizers from Hokuriku region
    • Sautéed Sakhalin surf clam, spear squid, and vegetables, flavor of yuzu
    • Chinese steamed egg custard containing Matsutake mushroom
    • over bird’s nest sauce
    • Grilled duck salad with Peking duck
    • Degustation dish of wok-fried prawns in chili sauce two kinds
    • Black-haired Wagyu beef loin, lotus root and eggplant in original soy and apple sauce
    • Fried ancient rice with dried scallops over thick snow crab sauce
    • Grape dessert


Restaurant Reservation 9:00a.m. 〜7:30p.m.