Kawaii! Dim Sum

Why not add some fun to tasting delicious dim sum? Our talented dim sum chef at Chinese restaurant Karin has crafted these popular tasty dumplings into shapes of cute animals. It’s an ideal menu item for kids and ladies looking to have some fun. Just make your reservations two-days’ in advance for a great dim sum treat!

  • Kawaii!Dim Sum ¥1,400
  • Weekdays – Master Chef Yoshinari’s Signature Dim Sum + Kawaii!Dim Sum ¥4,500
  • Weekends – Traditional Hong Kong Dim Sum + Kawaii!Dim Sum ¥5,000

*Reservation required
*An additional 8% sales tax and 13% service charge will be added.

Restaurant Reservation 9:00a.m. 〜7:30p.m.