A Lunar New Year Dinner

Especially for our guests at Karin, our chefs have prepared a bountiful course that will allow you to taste sumptuous flavors, unique to Nagasaki Prefecture. Enjoy it exuberantly with our drinks pairing course, made up of a selection of sommelier-chosen wines. We invite you to savor the depth of what Nagasaki has to offer, framed by gorgeous, colorful lanterns that symbolize winter in Nagasaki and the Lunar New Year.

Lunch and Dinner

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¥5,980 (Regular Price¥6,837)
– A glass of Champagne¥7,480 (Regular Price¥9,695)

¥14,980 (Regular Price¥18,645)
– Wine pairing ¥18,800 (Regular Price¥24,860)
– A glass of Champagne¥16,480 (Regular Price¥21,504)

*Consumption tax and service charge are included.
*Reservations can only be made on this website (third-party websites or reservations by phone are not eligible for this menu)
*Cannot be combined with any other offer or discount.
*This menu has serving to the dining seat only.


  • Lunch

    • Golden conger, Nagasaki beef and ingredients for spring appetizer
    • Healthy steamed soup with Tsushima chicken, dried shiitake mushrooms and turnip
    • Stir-fried prawns and snap peas with spicy mayonnaise
    • Braised Cornet fish and deep-fried tofu in clay pot
    • Braised Chinese noodle with roast pork fillet and Raw takana
    • Nagasaki Strawberry tapioca milk with rice flour dumplings
  • Dinner

    • Chef’s seasonal seven ‘chill and grill’ appetizers
    • Sautéed coral grouper, Takana and yellow leeks, served with dried mullet roe
    • Steamed soup with Chinese soft-shell turtle, silky fowl and Tsushima dried shiitake mushroom served swallow’s nest
    • Steamed hole Ezo abalone with soy sauce
    • Roasted Iki beef loin with black pepper
    • Hot and sour soup Goto Udon noodle
    • Special Sumo Mandarin jelly
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