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Nagasaki Fair

A special course using Nagasaki’s ingredients is available at Karin Restaurant until 31st May. Enjoy the bounty of Nagasaki’s rich natural environment.

Lunch and Dinner


Lunch Course ¥6,837 per person
Dinner Course ¥18,645 per person
*Consumption tax and service charge are included.


Lunch Course

  • Chef’s seasonal five appetizers
  • Healthy steamed soup with Tsushima chicken, abalone and  dried scallops
  • Four dishes
    Deep-fried snow crab claw with sea lettuce, Sweet and sour pork with black vinegar, Steamed fish with vegetable, Steamed Chinese leeks and shrimp dumpling
  • Takana and white mapo tofu with thick sauce over fried noodles
  • Strawberry tapioca milk with rice flour dumplings

Dinner Course

  •  Chef’s seasonal seven ‘chill and grill’ appetizers
  • Sautéed coral grouper and seasonal vegetable with dried mullet roe
  • Steamed soup with soft-shell turtle, chicken, dried shiitake-mushroom from Tsushima served swallow’s nest
  • Wok-fried Iki beef sirloin and steamed vegetables with XO sauce
  • Sautéed soft shell crab and mantis shrimp with Asian spice salt
  • Hot and sour soup Goto udon noodle
  • Strawberry almond parfait flavored Japanese citrus yukou

*Menu is subject to change without prior notice.

Reservation by Phone 03-3505-1185 03-3505-1185

Reservation Time: 9:00a.m.-9:00p.m.