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New Year Course

Celebrate the New Year with a sumptuous meal including swallow’s nest and abalone!

Lunch 11:30a.m.–3:00p.m.(2:30p.m.L.O.)
Dinner 5:00p.m.–10:00p.m.(9:00p.m.L.O.)
31 Dec.
Lunch 11:30a.m.–3:00p.m.(2:30p.m.L.O.)
Dinner 5:00p.m.–9:00p.m.(8:00p.m.L.O.)
1–3 Jan.
Lunch 11:30a.m. / 1:30p.m.
Dinner 5:00p.m / 7:30p.m.


  • New Year Lunch Course 11,187yen

    • New Year’s ‘chill and grill’ appetizers
    • Sautéed prawns and green vegetables
    • Shàngtāng soup with dried scallops and snow crab
    • Two kinds of homemade steamed dim sum
    • Wok-fried Wagyu beef and seasonal vegetables with oyster sauce
    • Fried rice with Chinese pickles and minced pork
    • Tapioca with mango milk and citrus
  • New Year Course 18,645yen

    • Karin’s celebrating ‘chill and grill’ appetizers
    • Sautéed prawn, cuttlefish and green vegetables
    • Steamed soup with bird’s nest, abalone,shiitake mushroom and Chinese wolfberry fruit
    • Crispy Peking duck and crab dumplings
    • Wok-fried Wagyu beef with shàngtāng sauce
    • Seafood fried rice with scallops, dried scallops and Sajima whitebaits
    • Mango milk with rice flour dumpling
  • New Year Special Course 24,860yen

    • ”New Year greetings’ assorted seven chilled and grilled appetizers
    • Sautéed coral grouper with dried sardine sheet
    • Peking duck wrapped with crepe and lobster salad
    • Wagyu beef loin steak with Chinese sauce
    • Steamed soup with Chinese luxury dried delicacies and bird’s nest
    • Seafood fried rice
    • Almond milk jelly with mango sauce

*Consumption tax and service charge are included.
*The menu is subject to change without notice.

Reservation by Phone 03-3505-1185 03-3505-1185

Reservation Time: 9:00a.m.-9:00p.m.