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Chocolate Sensations

We offer a variety of chocolate-covered breads and beautifully designed cakes with chocolate that are full of originality. Enjoy the unique creations of Pierre Gagnaire’s breads and cakes.

Petit Gateau

  • Chocolate and morello cherry mousse 650yen
    The bitter chocolate mousse is filled with griotte cherry cream sandwiched between
    chocolate sponges, and the surface is sprayed with bitter chocolate to finish.
  • Apple tart 650yen / Entremets 5,000yen
    Apple compote with caramel and rosemary flavors and almond cream tart. Accented withwhite chocolate mousse.
  • Chocolate mousse and cinnamon caramel 650yen
    Two layers of mousse, one with caramel and cinnamon flavors and the other with milkchocolate, with apple compote in the center.
  • Cardamom flower 650yen / Entremets 5,000yen
    The bitter chocolate mousse is filled with cardamom and lemon cream, and the surface issprayed with bitter chocolate to finish.
  • Gianduja cocoa cream chou 650yen / Entremets 4,000yen
    Chocolate-flavored puff pastry with a hazelnut cream filling.
  • Chocolate & caramel tart 650yen
    Chocolate tart with caramel cream. The top of the tart is covered with chocolate mousse.
  • Chocolate mousse and candied orange  Entremets 4,000yen
    Bitter chocolate mousse mixed with sweetened orange peel confit. The center of themousse is filled with orange marmalade.


  • Caramel chocolate and tea bread 310yen
    Not only is the caramel chocolate kneaded into the bread, but the tea is also added together to give the pan au lait even more flavor.
  • 3-color chocolate cream bun 550yen
    The brioche dough is filled with three types of chocolate: milk, dark, and strawberry,combined with a custard sauce.You can enjoy three kinds of chocolate: milk, dark, and strawberry.
  • Nutella cream cornet 300yen
    This year’s coronet is filled with Nutella cream and has a hazelnut flavor.

*Menu is subject to change without prior notice.

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