Chocolate Patisserie

Pierre Gagnaire Pains et Gateaux presents “Chocolate Patisserie”, our collection of chocolate inspired baked goods, crafted brilliantly by our pastry team. Indulge in petit gateau, entremets and bread, blended with a spectrum of rich chocolate flavors and high-quality seasonal fruits and nuts.

Petit gateaux

  • Chocolate and cassis mousse ¥650
  • Ruby chocolate and pear tart​ ¥650
  • Hazelnut praline chocolate cake ¥650
  • White chocolate and rose mousse ¥650
  • “Cacao” milk chocolate mousse ¥650


  • Chocolate and cassis mousse ¥4,000
  • Hazelnut praline chocolate cake ¥5,000


  • Chocolate and fig rye bread ¥300
  • Chocolate and hazelnut rye bread ¥700
  • Chocolate and pumpkin bread ¥180
  • Chocolate coquille ¥320
  • Chocolate and orange cream bread ¥380