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Matcha Patisserie

Pierre Gagnaire Pains et Gateaux presents the elegant “Matcha Patisserie”, our series of matcha inspired baked goods, crafted brilliantly by our pastry team. Indulge in petit gateau, entremets and bread, infused with the rich aroma of high quality matcha green tea.

Petit gâteau

  • Matcha and lemon lime rare cheesecake 800yen
  • Matcha and brown sugar mousse 800yen


  • Matcha coconut tart 4,400yen


  • Matcha and summer orange scone 250yen
    Refreshing matcha and summer orange scones.
  • Matcha and red bean bucket 500yen
    Matcha flavored bucket sandwiched with matcha chocolate.
  • Matcha milk bread 480yen
    Lightly textured matcha-flavored milk bread.
  • Matcha marble banana bread 540yen
    Banana bread with matcha marble.
  • Matcha Danish 500yen
    Danish dough bread with shiratama(rice cake ball) and green tea cream.

Baked Sweets

  • Matcha madeleine 310yen 
  • Matcha financier 350yen
  • Matcha and coconut cookies 1,100yen 

Items are subject to change without notice.


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