Picnic in the Park

Available Time: 11:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.
  • Western Picnic ¥15,000

    • Assorted cold cuts
    • Tomato cherry salad with mini mozzarella cheese, onion pickles, basil, black olives
    • Beef steak sandwich with mustard dijon
    • Pulled pork sandwich with canjun mayonnaise.
    • Chocolate cake and seasonal fruits
    • Evian 330ml
    • Fever Tree Ginger Beer 200ml
  • Japanese Picnic ¥15,000

    • A bite sized assorted appetizer(Beef steak, Grilled Duck, Seasonal fish, Vegetables)
    • Rod shaped pressed sushi topped with grilled ell
    • Sushi rice with seasonal sashimi, mushroom, egg, pink fish floss
    • Brazed chicken and vegetables
    • Seasonal dessert
    • Evian 330ml
    • Mount.Fuji Cider 240ml
  • Luxury Picnic ¥50,000

    • Assorted 3 Cheese,
    • 42 months Iberico bellota ham Torreon, Italian olives, Rustic bread.
    • Sandwich w/ 25gr fresh truffle and foie gras Micuit “Rougie”
    • Sandwich Sour cream, homemade Salmon pate and 50 gr “Royal Belgium” Oscietra caviar
    • Lobster & citrus salad 
    • A5 Beef Wagyu Scotch eggs with Tasmania mustard 
    • Strawberry, Seasonal fruits
    • Bon bon chocolate and Macaroon
    • Eivan 750ml
    • So Jenny Manoir des Sacres 750ml (Non-alcoholic)
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