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Strawberry Patisserie

Why don’t you savor sweets and pastries using strawberries in vivid colors and lovely forms?  Indulge in a variety of strawberry flavors, including the fresh aroma of strawberries, the Japanese ingredient yuzu, and combinations with coconut.

Petits Gâteaux 650yen / Entrmets 4,500yen

*The menu is subject to change without notice

Dome Fraise Coco (Petits Gâteaux / Entrmets)

At the base of this glossy red dome, you’ll find a very tender coconuts biscuit, at the very centre some fresh strawberries have been cute and mixed with a strawberry confit, around it a coconut mousse with some roasted grated coconut will bring more deepness to the
coconuts flavor. The cake has been covered with a very bright red glaze. At the top of the cake a white chocolate decoration with some grated coconut , some fresh strawberries and some fresh coconuts will come to finish the dessert.

Fraise Et Yuzu Vanille (Petits Gâteaux / Entrmets)​

From the bottom of this cake, you’ll find a disc of sable dough, on it a yuzu cake with some almond streusel cooked cooked inside of it. You’ll find the yuzu as a cream at the centre of this dessert, the main part if made of strawberry mousse covered fin a red velvet effect. All
around the centre of this cake a white chocolate and vanilla whipped ganache has been piped, as a decoration you’ll find on it some fresh strawberry, yuzu cream, small pieces of confit yuzu, and some confit lemon zests.

Strawberry and Ruby Chocolate Verrine

A sweet and rich ruby chocolate mousse with strawberry sauce is a refreshing verrine. The lime sauce gives it a different flavor.

Strawberry vanilla Mousse

The cake has a gentle flavor, with white chocolate and vanilla mousse. It topped with strawberry and cream cheese cream, and decorated with fresh strawberries.

Cube Strawberry

The lovely puk-puk shaped cake is a refreshing strawberry mousse reminiscent of fresh strawberries. The sponge and strawberry jam inside also make it feel even more refreshing.

Tarte Amande Fraise

Inside of this tart made with an almond sable shell, you’ll find an almond frangipane with some fresh strawberries cooked inside, on this is putted a strawberry jam. An almond mousse above it will bring some light texture to the dessert, the fresh strawberries all around will bring some freshness. To decorate this tart some strawberry jam as been putted in the middle of the mousse, some grated almond around it and a white chocolate leave to bring a touch of elegance.

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