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Afternoon Tea Boost

An afternoon tea that can be enjoyed as a meal is now available at The Steakhouse!  Explore The Steakhouse’s signature savories and American-style sweets served in a photogenic wooden box with colorful illustrations.

*Only 10 sets available per each time slot.


¥5,469 per person

*31 December, 1 and 2 January: 6,712yen
*Consumption tax and service charge are included.
*Cannot be combined with any other offer or discount.


  • Petit gâteau
    Mont Blanc, Rare Cheese Cake, Mini Apple Pie, Mini Donuts, Lemon Creme Puff, Whoopie Pie, Carrot Cake, Cinnamon Roll, Peanuts Chocolate Bar, Mango Pudding
  • Savory
    Hot Dog, Pizza, Cheese burger, Pork rib, Guacamole
  • Drink
    Tea, Coffee, Flavored tea, Original non-alcoholic cocktails
  • Option
    – Fentyman’s Botanical Brew 4 types set  +¥1,865
    – Coedo beer 4 types set  +¥2,486

*The menu is subject to change without notice.
*Reservation required by 9:00p.m. the day before.
*Choose the color of the box when you book. (White: California Girls / Grain: Chicago)

Reservation and Inquiries 03-3505-1185 03-3505-1185

Restaurant Reservation  9:00 a.m. -9:00 p.m.