COEDO Beer Pairing Menu

Born in Kawagoe, COEDO Beer’s concept of “Beer Beautiful” aims to a create a distinctive and lively sensory experience through color, aroma, taste and pure, smooth drinking. This specially prepared menu includes a line up of six different kinds of craft beer with six dishes by our skilled The Steakhouse chefs.

The pairing will highlight The Steakhouse’s much-loved cuisine alongside some excellent pints. excellently. Don’t miss this unique chef and beer collaboration, one of the firsts of its kind in Tokyo.



We offer Special price on our direct booking site.
¥9,800 per person(Regular price¥11,960)
* Price includes tax and service charge.


    Joselito and Cheese Croquette – Beer: Marihana
    Cured Duck Breast – Beer: Kyara
    Tomato and Ricotta – Beer: Ruri
  • FISH
    Grilled GrouperCorn and Shichimi Salsa Sauce – Beer: Shiro
  • MAIN
    US Angus TenderloinSweet Potato Chips – Beer: Beniaka
    Chocolate Millefeuille – Beer: Shikkoku Affogato
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