The Steakhouse Love Burger

Fan the flames of passion with the limited edition “Love Burger”. Our signature Steakhouse patty gets a heart-shaped makeover and a red strawberry-motif bun, making this Love Burger the perfect accompaniment to a sizzling hot date. Adventure seekers may want to try our Carabineros Shrimp, also known as a scarlet shrimp. Dine different on this bright red crustacean and taste the sweetness of its flesh, enhanced through its rich miso-like quality.

Lunch & Dinner


  • Love Burger ¥2,500
  • Grilled Carabineros Shrimp ¥1,800
  • Original Bloody Mary ¥1,800

*An additional 8% sales tax and 13% service charge will be added.

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Restaurant Reservation  9:00 a.m.  to 7:30 p.m.