Rugby Burger

The spirit of the sport is in full swing at The Steakhouse, with the launch of our limited-edition rugby burgers. Each of these eight burgers has flavors inspired by participating countries, such as a Japan burger with teriyaki sauce, a New Zealand burger with kiwi salsa, a France burger with foie gras and more. Show your support for your favorite team by dining on their very own burgers!

Lunch / Dinner


2,700 yen each
* An additional 10% sales tax and 13% service charge will be added.


  • Japan:
    Wagyu beef patty, cabbage, teriyaki sauce
  • New Zealand:
    Wagyu beef patty, lamb slices, kiwi salsa sauce
  • Australia:
    Wagyu beef patty, roasted beetroot, fried egg, tomato, Cajun mayonnaise
  • South Africa:
    Wagyu beef patty, Chakalaka (a traditional South African vegetable stew), tomatoes and Cajun mayonnaise
  • France:
    Wagyu beef patty, tenderloin, foie gras, tomato, Cajun mayonnaise
  • England:
    Wagyu beef patty, roast beef, onion gravy
  • Ireland:
    Wagyu beef patty, Guinness cheese, potato cake, Cajun mayonnaise
  • Scotland:
    Wagyu patty, quail eggs, tomato, Scotch whiskey sauce
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