Strawberry Patisserie

Pierre Gagnaire Pains et Gateaux presents “Strawberry Patisserie”, our collection of strawberry inspired baked goods, crafted brilliantly by our pastry team. Indulge in petit gateau, entremets and bread, blended with a spectrum of fruity, strawberry flavors and high-quality ingredients.

Petit gateau ¥650 each

  • Strawberry Verrine
    Glass dessert with fresh strawberry, mascarpone cheese, vanilla cream and strawberry sauce
  • Strawberry & lemon cream
    Lemon mousse sandwiched in chocolate, squeezed strawberry cream, and a lovely topping with dried strawberry and meringue
  • Strawberry & ruby chocolate mousse
    Strawberry-flavored ruby chocolate mousse contains a cocoa sponge soaked with strawberry syrup.

  • Strawberry cheese cake
    The shiny crimson cake on the surface is a cheesecake, and inside is a cake containing strawberry jelly and fresh strawberry

  • Strawberry & pistachio Éclair
    Eclair with white chocolate and pistachio cream, strawberry jam, and fresh strawberry

  • Strawberry & mint tart
    Tart with plenty of fresh strawberry is accented with mint cream
    *Entremets ¥4,500

  • Strawberry cake
    A cake containing strawberry cream and vanilla cream inside the strawberry-shaped chocolate

  • Strawberry Saint-honoré
    A traditional French confectionery Saint-Honore arranged in Gagnaire chef  style and expressed in shoe dough, fresh cream and strawberry cream

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