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Manhattan Lunch

The Steakhouse offers a special set that includes a choice of charcoal grilled steak or burger as the main dish and a variety selection of appetizer bar to enjoy as much as you like. Enjoy a free flow of non-alcoholic Bloody Mary’s on weekends and holidays for your refreshment.

Lunch Time: 11:30a.m.-2:00p.m. (L.O.)

– Lunch can be served before check-in on the day of arrival or after check-out on the day of departure, depending on your schedule.
– Upon arrival at the hotel, please inform the front desk of your reservation and receive your lunch ticket to enjoy your lunch at “The Steakhouse” on the 3rd floor.
– Reservations can be made up to three days in advance.

  • Menu

    Appetizer Bar *60 minutes limited.

    • Seafood pasta salad
    • Stuffed avocados with pico de gallo
    • Shrimps and mixed beans
    • Assorted grilled vegetables
    • Pate de campagne
    • Cold cuts, Cheese, Dried fruits, Nuts,Olives, Pickles
    • Steamed chicken
    • Nachos, Guacamole, Hummus and pita
    • Fresh vegetables

    Main Dish
    Please choose from the following;

    • Rigatoni pasta
    • Grilled salmon
    • Barbeque Kagoshima pork ribs
    • US sirloin
    • AUS tenderloin 150g +3,356 yen
    • AUS ribeye 300g +4,475 yen
    • Hokkaido tenderloin 150g +5,469 yen
    • Japanese domestic striploin dry aged with Koji +4,351 yen
    • Japanese domestic ribeye dry aged with Jack Daniels (good for 2-3 person Market Price)
    • The Steakhouse Burger
      (New Zealand beef patty, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, pickled cucumber and Steakhouse sauce)
    • American Burger
      (US beef patty 150g sauteed mix mushrooms,gruyere cheese,mayo)
    • Dry aged Burger +373 yen
      (30days dry age Japanese holstein patty 150g,peccorino cheese,,mayo,pickled cucumber)
    • Kagoshima Burger +373 yen
      Kagoshima Wagyu patty,smoked bacon and brie
    • Brisket pretzel Sandwich

    Please choose from the following;

    • Baked cheese cake
    • Tiramisu
    • Lemon sorbet
    • Gàteau an chocolate
    • Churros
    • Grilled pineapple

    *Menu is subject to change without prior notice.

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