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Cherry Blossom Viewing in Tokyo, Japan

Cherry Blossom Viewing in Tokyo

A guide to seeing and appreciating sakura season

Sakura Season 2019

Sakura season is synonymous with a vacation to Japan. The sakura bloom is symbolic of the start of spring and is thus often heralded as the best time of the year to visit the land of the rising sun. Read on for our definitive guide to all things sakura related, including rituals, events and the meaning behind the sakura blossom.

About Sakura

Sakura is the Japanese word for cherry blossom. For centuries, it has been celebrated due to its very significant role in Japanese culture. Today, you can even find the image of sakura on the back of a 100-yen coin. There are many varieties of cherry trees in Japan which bloom at different times, depending on their location in Japan. Most hotels, restaurants and bars will also create limited-time only sakura-themed promotions in the form of food, drink and collectibles. All of this adds to a very vibrant and diverse cherry blossom season.

What is “Hanami”?

Historically, sakura is most associated with “hanami”. Popularized during the Edo period, it is the centuries old Japanese tradition of cherry blossom viewing and picnicking under a blooming sakura tree. The full bloom typically lasts just a week and its exquisite but fleeting beauty is often compared to the ephemeral nature of life. signifying its importance in Japanese culture.
This year’s cherry blossom forecast expects the first petals to open on March 22nd 2019, with the estimated best viewing time between March 30th and April 7th. A common practice nowadays is to gather friends and family to a gathering under cherry trees to appreciate the view. Groups will arrive early to secure a desirable spot in the park, often equipped with plenty of food and lots to drink. It isn’t surprising to find many popular parks around Tokyo, filled with these “hanami parties” which result in a relaxing yet enjoyable atmosphere.

Where can you experience Hanami?

Regardless of your chosen hanami spot, this sensational season in Japan is truly unmissable. Escape to Tokyo and make this year’s holiday a cherry blossom sightseeing one. Accommodation at our hotel during this period is highly limited, click here to find out more.

Hanami - Cherry Blossom Viewing Locations in Tokyo

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Ark Hills / アークヒルズ

approx. 25 min

approx. 23 min


0 min

Hama Rikyu

0 min

Koishikawa Korakuen

0 min

approx. 25 min

Ueno Park / 上野恩賜公園

Meguro River

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