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Tsukiji Outer Fish Market

Tsukiji Market / 築地市場
The outer market of Tsukiji offers a wide variety of food related shopping from fresh food and produce to pottery, utensils and famous Japanese made chefs’ knives. Some of Tokyo’s freshest sushi restaurants are located here. Everthing happens fairly early and closes by mid afternoon so see Concierge for best time to visit.


Tsukiji, Ginza



Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Distance from Hotel

20 minutes by train

What's in the Tsukiji Market

Tsukiji Inner Market

The inner market is where most of the wholesale business and the famous tuna auctions take place. It also has a few popular hidden and yummy sushi restaurants.

Tsukiji Outer Market

The outer market caters more to the general sushi in public. Before noon you can see that shoppers are looking for the freshest fish and foodstuffs. There are over 400 shops and restaurants to explore. you can find everything from shellfish to professional kitchenware.

Nearby Tsukiji Market

Other Attractions


Ginza / 銀座