A restaurant where you can experience truly astonishing cuisine.

Interior design that reflects the individuality of Pierre Gagnaire.
Inspired by the Tokyo of the Edo period, the key elements of the restaurant's design theme is the color royal purple, called Edo purple in Japanese, and Tokyo fireworks. Royal purple is famous in Japan as the shade of the headband worn by the main character in the kabuki play 'Sukeroku Yukari no Edo Sakura'. Fireworks were also a popular form of amusement in the Edo period, appearing in many well-known ukiyoe woodblock prints. A gorgeous, modern representation of Tokyo fireworks in shades of pink, gold and purple has been used as the motif in the restaurant’s carpet and the elegant, French-designed furniture.
French cuisine forms the foundation for the Pierre Gagnaire identity, but the menu also incorporates an abundance of ingredients that represent Japan’s four seasons, as well as dishes that seek to emulate the beauty of Japanese cuisine. We invite you to enjoy an experience that is unique to Tokyo, with foods enriched by rare ingredients, polite and attentive service, a refined atmosphere, and breathakingly beautiful scenery.